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Living Check to Check
About The Author


Kermit Theophilus Wyche

Born in California; raised in Houston, Texas, and Miami, Florida, Kermit Wyche caught the tail end of a military brats journey around the world.  With parents Freeman and Anna Wyche, brother Freeman II and sister Zoe having lived in various countries around the world, Kermit completed the US coast-to-coast journey.

Father to Kaela and Kristopher, Kermit and his ex-wife had to figure out a way for her to stay at home and raise the kids.  Giving up the salary from her career was a very tough decision.  However, having her at home with the kids was the option they thought most important.  That decision prompted the research and learning process that became the beginnings for the documentation of this book.  The rest is history.

Kermit started his college career at the United States Air Force Academy, only spending a short time there, and later graduating from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, with a B.A. degree in Banking & Finance.  The day following graduation, Kermit began his career with the IBM Corporation and later went to graduate school at the University of Miami, where he received his M.B.A.  He then served as the Marketing Director for the JMH Health Plan, a local HMO, and later focused on Marketing and Special Projects for the Jackson Health System, in Miami-Dade County. He currently serves as the Executive Director for North Dade Health Center, a Medical Practice with the Jackson Health System.

Kermit is a Registered Representative with a Series 6 (securities) License; He also maintains a Variable Annuity, Health, Life Insurance, and Legal License in Florida.  With these licenses, he enjoys working part time as a Personal Financial Analyst.

The son of a preacher, Kermit is spiritually grounded and works very hard to help others.  With the lack of money being a huge reason for many family and social problems in the community, Kermit wanted to share what he did with others, when his family made the decision for his ex-wife to stay at home after the birth of their first child.   It is his hope, that he can help others, by sharing information to put people in better financial position and to improve the quality of their lives.

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